DevOps for smart contract deployments

An automated deployment platform for Foundry users.

Say goodbye to unreliable deployments

Sphinx gives you confidence in your deployment process by eliminating the manual work of creating, approving, executing, and verifying deployments on every chain.

Deployments in CI

Eliminate human error and improve security by gaslessly triggering deployments from your CI process. Sphinx trustlessly executes your smart contract deployment scripts across all chains.

Gasless deployments

The Sphinx protocol is a Gnosis Safe Module designed for deployments. With the Sphinx Module, your Gnosis Safe owners can approve deployments by signing a single meta transaction.

Completely Trustless

It's impossible for Sphinx to execute anything that your Gnosis Safe owners have not explicitly approved.

Unified Billing

Forget managing native tokens on every network. Sphinx handles the cost and bills you in USD after your deployment completes.

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$0 / month

  • Support for dozens of popular test networks
  • All core features of Sphinx
  • Limited to 5 test network deployments per month


$250 / month

+ $1 / transaction

+ gas cost + 10%

  • Support for 50+ production and test networks
  • Unlimited free test network deployments
  • Custom network support
  • Priority support


Custom Pricing

  • Automated network support
  • Governance integration
  • Just-in-time deployments


"Sphinx is a game changer for deploying smart contracts across chains. Finally, we can say goodbye to deploying from local computers, getting gas tokens on every chain, and using private keys in .env files! I believe these types of solutions are more than just nice-to-have; they're critical in the space."

0xGorilla - CTO @ Wonderland

Sphinx User

"Sphinx gives teams the confidence to safely iterate faster than ever before on the increasingly complex smart contract deployments that underpin the future of the Ethereum ecosystem."

Kelvin Fichter - Founding Engineer @ Optimism

Sphinx Advisor

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