DevOps for smart contract deployments

An open-core platform that automates the smart contract deployment lifecycle.

Say goodbye to unreliable deployments

Sphinx gives you confidence in your deployment process by eliminating the manual work of creating, approving, executing, and verifying deployments on every chain.

Automated Deployments

Sphinx automates the smart contract deployment process by trustlessly executing your deployment scripts across all chains.

Integrate with CI

Gaslessly propose deployments from your CI process instead of deploying from a local machine with a funded private key.

Easy management

Pay for deployments across all chains with a balance of USDC on a single chain. Manage permissions for deployments within your config file.

Scale across chains

Supporting a new chain is as easy as adding the chain's name in your configuration options.


"Sphinx is a game changer for deploying smart contracts across chains. Finally, we can say goodbye to deploying from local computers, getting gas tokens on every chain, and using private keys in .env files! I believe these types of solutions are more than just nice-to-have; they're critical in the space."

0xGorilla - CTO @ Wonderland

Sphinx User

"ChugSplash gives teams the confidence to safely iterate faster than ever before on the increasingly complex smart contract deployments that underpin the future of the Ethereum ecosystem."

Kelvin Fichter - Founding Engineer @ Optimism

Sphinx Advisor

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